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No detail left behind


The concept of Rockstar Restorations came from a life long journey of renovating my own homes, for myself and my four children. Later it became flipping houses, but I poured too much detail and care into every project to just be a flipper. These homes become my obsession every detail must be perfect. Parting with the homes after so much goes into them is difficult, but the joy I see in the new owners faces told me that that was my true passion. I can only own so many homes to renovate to perfection, so I am enlarging my circle to include other peoples homes and businesses. I can not stop. I am driven to do this every waking moment.

Teaming up with specialists over the years, along with my current partner, has given me the ability to offer just about any remodeling services to you. We have evolved into not only creating our dream homes, but have become experts in envisioning your dreams and bringing your expectations for your home to life. We know how to get the job done. Together we can go beyond the typical showroom trends, to your own custom look, that will stay valuable for ages to come.

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Teri Chew

Home Specialist

Teri has a background in luxury vehicle sales and corporate leadership. She is a real licensed real estate agent, a do it your-selfer and expert remodeler. Teri is also the mother of four incredible children. As a single mom, some of these innovations were a necessity to get by. She can create on a shoestring, and has also designed for the most extravagant consumers.

Give her a call now, you will love her.

“funny, smart and knowlegable, you can’t get enough of Teri!”

The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On


Teri  is shown with Jessica, her extremely talented daughter, who adds custom artistic flair when ever it’s called for. Several others also participate when a specialization is required, but this is the core team.